Visiting Haleakala

Embarking on the climb to the Haleakala Summit, you'll find a well-maintained, well-traveled, two-lane road that's both windy and steep. This roadway boasts the highest elevation gain over the shortest distance globally. Despite its regular upkeep and frequent use, it's advisable to adhere to the speed limit signs and navigate the road with caution.

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History & Legend

Haleakala, translating to the 'House of the Sun' in Hawaiian, carries a rich backstory steeped in Polynesian legend. As per these tales, La, the sun god, dictated the periods of light and darkness. The demigod Maui, known for his mischievousness, sought to capture the sun to slow down time for his mother, Hina. To achieve this, he ascended to the top of Haleakala, lassoed the sun, thereby slowing it down and lengthening the day.


Wildlife & Landscape

Haleakala National Park is a biodiversity hotspot, hosting more endangered species than any other U.S. National Park. Unique creatures and plants, such as the endangered Hawaiian silversword plant and the Nene, a Hawaiian goose once on the brink of extinction, inhabit this region.

Haleakala itself is a massive dormant shield volcano that constitutes over 75% of Maui. The remaining western 25% of the island is formed by another volcano, Mauna Kahalawai, also known as the West Maui Mountains. Despite being in Hawaii, Haleakala's high altitude results in a temperature drop of about 3º per 1000 feet of elevation. At the Haleakala Visitor Center’s 9,740-foot elevation, temperatures often hover in the 40-degree range, so remember to bring some cover-ups and blankets!


Sunrise Reservations

Witnessing the sunrise at Haleakala can be a challenging experience due to the limited number of spaces available for personal vehicles. A reservation is mandatory for each vehicle entering the park between 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. You may book a reservation up to 60 days in advance starting from April 7, 2021. Visit to reserve.

As a recommendation, if you would like to view the Sunrise but don't want the headache of attaining a permit, there are a number of Tour companies that provide transportation as well as breakfast for the journey to the 10k foot summit.